In this portfolio titled Dance, I photograph slips. I photograph these slips with people and without.

Empty slips hang on a line over a pool, blow in the wind and snow, or sit on an empty bench. In each image, there are no people. There is a portrayal of a person, a ghost like quality representing the past as well as the present. The empty slip is vacant of the body; it defies a sense of gravity and air passes through it creating a dance.

Leah leans on the screen door to keep from falling, Samantha curls on the floor, Florence swims in a pool. These women wear the slips with grace, sensuality and vulnerability. The slip clings to the body; the slip hides and reveals the body; the slip feels and touches the body. Ranging from ages 4 to 103 these women represent our bodies throughout time. 

These images are platinum/palladium printed on Gompi, a handmade Japanese paper. I choose this paper because it is soft, delicate and translucent, resembling the slip itself.

I have collected slips over the years. I am drawn to what is old, what has history, and what has been used.  In these photographs the slips become nostalgic, evocative and wistful. They hold spirit in the body form. They have their own presence; they hold light brimming with life.