I make a bed, I weigh myself, I wash a dish. I do these simple tasks for a camera, a pinhole camera. Exposures are from one minute to a half hour, creating a blurred, surreal effect. I choose this camera because of the long exposures. I am interested in women’s roles, as well as elements of time. In each image one must be still for the camera, aware of time passing, aware of the light changing, aware of the task one is preforming.

For fifteen years, I have been creating images of and about women. I have explored issues of age and beauty; now I turn to issues of woman’s place in the world through our work at home. This body of work titled Timeless Tasks, documents the invisibility of the millions of woman as they maintain homes, in the same manner, all over the world. The work is often tedious, yet can provide a sense of belonging and of peace.